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Law Environmental Health and Safety Solutions utilizes the latest equipment, tools and technology to provide residential and commercial property owners with detailed inspection services. If you need your property inspected for mold, bacteria or other harmful substances, you can count on us to conduct the testing.

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Get a comprehensive assessment on your property

Whether you own a single-family home or a multi-story commercial facility, you can rely on Law Environmental Health and Safety Solutions to inspect your property for the presence of hazardous substances.

Our inspection services include:

Our professionally prepared reports offer detailed descriptions of our observations, to include specific measurements, temperature readings, sample results and photographs.

Trust a recognized indoor air quality expert to give you a comprehensive analysis on your property's condition in Jacksonville, FL or surrounding areas.

Retain an expert consultant

In some situations, you may be faced with a microbial contamination that is beyond your means to deal with yourself. If your construction site becomes a hotbed of dangerous bacteria, turn to Law Environmental Health and Safety Solutions for expert witness consulting services. We'll help facilitate remedial litigation by providing expert testimony.

We also provide construction phase consulting services so you can avoid such problems in the first place. Contact us today to speak with a dedicated team member in the Jacksonville, FL area.