Is the Air in Your Home or Workplace Safe to Breathe?

We provide indoor air quality assessments in Jacksonville, FL

Law Environmental Health and Safety Solutions provides residential and commercial air quality testing services in the Jacksonville, FL area. Our skilled team can sample your environment for mold, asbestos, lead, radon and a range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to determine what's affecting your air quality. Count on us to help you find an effective solution for your property's air quality issues.

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Our technicians will inspect your property from top to bottom

Cutting corners isn't acceptable for our crew. When you hire us for air quality testing services, you can rest assured that we'll inspect every nook and cranny.

Our team will inspect your property's:

Interior walls, windows, doors and trim
Exterior siding, windows and vents
Entire HVAC system

We'll take into account moisture levels, thermal readings, temperature, relative humidity and other relevant variables.

If you're interested in getting an indoor air quality assessment, contact us now to get a free estimate. We serve Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.